Color Choices:
We offer 37 different colors for our standard $40 spinning bowtie at no additional cost.  Black has typically been the most popular, and we always have it in stock.  To the right is an example of our Royal Blue bowtie.  Colors other than Black may increase the bowtie processing time by 1 week.  We also offer other types of bowties, such as deluxe satin, lame', and special patterns for a small additional charge.  Matching Cummerbunds are also available for purchase, and require an extra week of processing time.


Please see our other color choices below (subject to availability):

Standard Bowtie Colors:
2" Bow Ties, Poly Satin, Matte Finish

Deluxe Satin:  
(All Deluxe Satin +$5)

Lame' (Shiny Metallic):
(All Lame' Colors +$10)

Specialty Patterns:
(All Specialty Patterns +$12)


Fiesta - Gold

 Fiesta - Royal

 Fiesta - Teal

Magic Touch

Mardi Gras

Paisley - Antique                                           

Paisley - Gold Imperial

Paisley - Red Imperial

Paisley - Silver

Scotch Plaid

This is our standard tartan pattern.  We can provide tartan bowties for specific clans as well, just email us your clan name and we'll provide a custom quote.  Tartan spinning bowties with specific clan patterns start at approximately $85, due to the high cost in aquiring the bowtie directly from our Scotland supplier. 

US Flag


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