Hand Made To Order
Every spinning bowtie sold by Socia's Original Spinning Bowties is hand made by Kelly Socia himself.  Great care is taken to produce a good looking finished product that looks and works great.  This page describes the basic features of our spinning bowties.

The Bowtie
The bowtie itself is perhaps the most important part of the spinning bowtie.  The bowtie begins its life as a pre-tied bowtie and neckstrap combination, and is carefully deconstructed and reassembled to produce a finished spinning bowtie.  On a standard $40 spinning bowtie, the bowtie is made of high quality, durable polyester and has a matte finish. 

We also offer bowties in deluxe glossy satin, shiny metallic lame', and a number of special patterns (Paisley, US Flag, Tartan, etc).  If you're looking for special type of spinning bowtie that isn't listed on our color and pattern page, please  contact sales@spinningbowties.com and describe what you're looking for.  We'll get back to you with an estimate (typically $40 plus the cost of acquiring the special bowtie).

The Motor
A spinning bowtie that doesn't spin is... well... just a regular bowtie.  We use a small hobby sized motor in every spinning bowtie which produces a smooth, fast rotation.  The small profile of the motor allows the user to wear the bowtie comfortably while still looking good, both when it is still and when its spinning.  At the base of the motor is a small metal brace (top of the photo) that sits against the base of the neck to allow the bowtie to stick out and spin smoothly without hitting the chest or chin.  See our spinning bowtie in action!

The Neckstrap
The regular neckstrap on the spinning bowtie accomodates up to an 18" neck.  We can change how the neckstrap is attached so that it accomodates larger necks (18" - 21").  When you order your bowtie, simply tell us you need an XL neck.

The Remote
Every spinning bowtie comes with a remote control that is attached to the bowtie motor via a small cord.  The average cord length is 2.5', and is long enough to thread underneath a dress shirt and into a pocket for wearers up to 6' 3" tall.  At the push of a button, the bowtie spins using the power provided by 2 AA batteries in the remote.  Batteries can be replaced easily, allowing for unlimited spinning bowtie fun!  If the wearer will be taller than 6' 3" ask for the XL cord option.

A Word About our Competition
In the past year or so you may have noticed an inexpensive 'spinning bowties' being sold from a 'novelty' gag company. These have cropped up across the internet, including on Amazon, and can be bought for less than $20. If you're looking for 'cheap', by all means purchase the 'gag' spinning bowtie. The difference between the 'gag' prop and a Socia's Original Spinning Bowtie is in the quality, in the bowtie itself, in the materials used, and in the craftsmanship put into making the bowtie. For instance, the materials for our spinning bowties cost, alone, about as much as what the 'gag' bowtie is sold for all together, and ours take between 30 and 60 minutes to hand construct individually -- no factory lines, no outsourced foreign labor. So, again, if you're looking for a cheap gag, or something a little kid might want for halloween, and you're OK with it looking/feeling cheap, go with the competition. But if you're looking for quality, buy from us. Heck, if you're not in a time crunch, buy their bowtie first and see if you like it. We'll be here after you realize you're not happy with theirs.